Shanghai Bluesoul Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company which is engaged in the research and development of marine environmental protection products and technical services. Bluesoul was established and registered in September 2015 in  Zhangjiang Free Trade Zone,Shanghai.It is the first domestic enterprise which is get the certificate of product design ofmarine desulfurization from the British Lloyd's. Company with technical research and development team through decades of painstaking research and repeated testing, to overcome a number of technical problems, and to become the first person of “marine waste gas washing technology” through the domestic sodiumalkali method . Company’s goal is to become provider and the leader of China's most professional ship tail gas treatment plan in 3 years. The company's core team has a high influence in the shipbuilding industry, and hasa good ability of resource integration, capital operation, enterprise management, product innovation and other innovative core competencies.

For  the exhaustemission control of marine engine, to make a design and development of marine desulfurization equipment, and On the basis of this, to make a research on the depth development of the marine desulfurization , denitrification technologyand a series of products to cover all the ships and mainly manufacture desulfurization equipment and land desulfurization equipment and other products, and the marine desulfurization technology is up to 0.1% (m/m) of the international maritime convention.Ship fuel sulfur content standards achievesthe world's leading level.

The management team of the company mainly come from thecentral enterprises, are engaged in shipping, shipbuilding and other industries for many years, has rich experience in the modern enterprise management and modern marketing; the main technical team comes from universities and research institutes with research on gas washing technology for over ten years,and 17% team members have PHD degree or above, more than 50% researchers and staffs have graduate Diploma with a master's degree. The researchers of marine engineering, marine engineering, marine equipment, marine electrical, environmental science and engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical design,electrical automation, chemical analysis and maritime law and other disciplinesrelated to the professional knowledge and skills have quite profound understanding and grasping.

In the future, we are full ofconfidence. The company will use the mode of operation of modern enterprises. With the accumulation of technology, quality improvement, andconstantly optimization of the product management, continuous improvement, thecourage to face all kinds of risks and challenges, to build a marine exhaustmanagement industry for excellence adhering to the faith of "quality isfirst, users is first".